Cottonelle, the maker of three types of toilet paper, Clean Care, Ultra Comfort Care, in the Purple packaging, and Gentle Care, in the Green packaging, have  changed its packaging. The company owned by Kimberly-Clarke, encloses 190 two ply sheets in each of the 24 rolls of toilet paper has upgraded its packaging.

Let’s start with the word “Cottonelle”. The word now covers the entire front packaging compared to the previous version which was about two inches  from the margins.

In addition, “Clean Care” has been moved from the blue background to the white background just under “Cottonelle”.

The left hand side where it looks like a hanging ribbon indicating 12=24 double rolls has changed from red to purple.

Bigger letters do not make their packaging amazing; the packaging is boring. As marketing guru said in his best selling book Purple Cow “Don’t Be Boring”. The rest of the bunch of TP producers are not exciting one sheet: Quilted Northern, Charmin and Scott Tissue. The time is ripe for a new comer to make a splash on the paper scene. If the products looks daring and yet is clean, they have a chance to “paperize” the industry.

The “Clean Ripple” differentiation part has also been enlarged.

What is going on with the boring packaging?

I think the larger letters make it easy for those visually challenged to see. i.e.. the elderly. Plus, people’s attention spanned have been taken the mat so not overdoing it on the packaging may work out. But again boring is not good or exciting or makes me want to buy it. I can easily grab the generic brand in my store with no problem.

Their packaging bags rip easily too. Something to watch out for.