Grocer On a Mission

Discussing all things related to supemarkets.

About me and my blog.

Welcome to my blog. Thank you for stopping by.

My mission provide is to educate, inform and make aware from the perspective of a unique clerk inside any supermarket and to increase awareness of trends in packaging, and offer tips to improve your overall shopping experience.

A supermarket cannot survive without you and your hard-earned income. You cannot eat your clothes or your book or your car  (not yet I suppose) so chances are you buy groceries a few times per week at your local supermarket picking over 20,000 to 40,000 products.

According to the Food Marketing Institute,, there are 38,015 supermarkets in the US earning over $2 million per supermarket annually. That equates to over $650 billion gross revenue. Thus, supermarkets are a vital piece of our nation’s economy.

Thank you again for checking out my blog.

If you would like my free eBook titled “Three ways how to Shop Smarter in Supermarkets” please send me an email to Rob at with the subject line – Free eBook.


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