Kashi has added two new frozen entrees: Chimichurri Quinoa Bowl and Sweet Potato Quinoa Bowl. Quinoa pronounced (keen-wa) has been growing in popularity over the past several years. A tasty, plant based grain has been popping up as a source for vegetarians and for people who just love the taste of this “old world” grain. Kashi® Chimichurri Quinoa Bowl

Kashi® Sweet Potato Quinoa BowlIf you haven’t noticed Kashi updated their packaging showing off their new layout.

Let’s take a look at the changes.

  • They enlarged the word “Kashi” moved it to the top left hand side of the box. The letters are now green. Previously Kashi was in the middle of the box with a green background surrounding the letters that are in white. I like the change because it gives the packaging a bolder more focused look.

  • The boxes are white and glossier too. Their original boxes were a shade of grey and the texture was a tad rough. This made it easier to stand up their packaging in the freezer when merchandising, which allowed any customer to see it. Now the glossier packaging may hurt in term of the keeping their boxes stand upright in the supermarket freezer.

  • The positive nutritional information is now on the lower side of the box under the context and it looks it is in a quadrant format looking like a guest speaker is doing  a SWOT analysis, but with no weaknesses, just benefits to the consumer, non GMO in quadrant one, VEGAN in quadrant two, the numbers of protein grams in quadrant three, and the number of grams of fiber in quadrant four.

  • The picture of the plate of food is flat as if you were viewing it from the top of a short ceiling compared to the flatter image you can see with their Black Bean Mango entree.

In sum, I like the new packaging. It’s new design is bold without going overboard on the content. Positioning the nutritional and food information from the top right hand corner of the box to the left hand side is smart too. When we read a book we start from left to right, thus the nutritional facts will catch the consumer’s eyes immediately.

We’ll see how the customers react. A health conscious middle age man may be scared off with the Vegan on the box and may think it is not appealing to him, even though he is not a Vegan and likes to eat a steak at least two times a week. Then again he is not the target, but the new packaging bowls with Quinoa may catch a person at the right time to take a chance and purchase a book.

The old phrase a picture is worth a thousand words applies to Kashi updated packaging. It is eye catching images combined with crisp white boxes might broaden its appeal. They sell a lot of cereal and health bars, among other products and they are very reputable in terms of being health conscious, while providing tasty food. There is 440 mg of sodium per serving, which may scare some people off, but the sodium is far less than a Lean Cuisine Orange Chicken meal. The rule of thumb is eat well and enjoy. Kashi is making it possible to do both.