Soda consumption is diminishing, With all the types of drinks and beverages being offered  as well as with consumers being more health conscious I can understand why the trend is lower. Regardless who doesn’t like a can of cola every now and then.

Being a grocer, you examine and merchandise literally thousands of products every day. Yes thousands. One of which is soda consumption. Who’s buying Coke or Pepsi or Jones Soda, and what over micro brew. Coca Cola is a favorite brand of beverage consumers all over the world. I love walking down the aisle and seeing how many people grab twelve packs of Coke and Diet Coke as well as other Coke products. It is amazing how many 12 packs can fit in a the bottom a of buggy. Anyway, before I get off track Coca Cola offers products in various shapes in sizes: the infamous 2 liter, the 12 pack, the 12 ounce can, the 16.9 ounce plastic bottle, the 12 ounce plastic bottle, the 1.25 liter (a very popular seller). But the two that most stand out to me is the 1 liter bottle and the 8 ounce can.

Coca Cola was smart to offer smaller size bottle and cans for the conscious beverage consumer. Customers have informed me that for 99 cents it is better value to drink a one litter than spend $1.99 for a 2 liter bottle. And that the fizz and carbonation stays with a one liter bottle than a 2 liter bottle. It may not be the case, but consumers feel less guilty to buy a one liter and, by the way, the one liter of  Coke always sells out daily.

Then this past week I noticed two more things about the Coke products my supermarket sells: the price of a 12 pack of Coke products went up to $5.29 from $4.99 and an 8 packs of 8 ounce cans of Coke shrank to 6 packs of 7.5 ounce cans. Yes this is a subtle shift but for most consumers they don’t or just don’t care about the difference. I noticed orange juice containers shrank from 64 ounces to 59 ounces and packages of sugar went from 5 pound bags to 4 pound bags, i.e. Domino Sugar.

Subtlety shrinking the size of the packaging. It is done to help the consumer or is it deceptive to help the bottom line of a business. In my opinion it is both. The conscious customer will cut back on consumption, which moderates servings and for the food manufacturer, it reduces costs.

I like the 7.5 ounce six-pack that Coke is now offering in my store. It cost me $2.50 because it was on sale and has conditioned me to consume and savor one can per day as I share the six-pack with my wife, who pays more attention to the nutritional and daily serving content.

Good job Coca Cola, keep being innovative in product delivery.

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