Sun Chips, owned by the Frito Lay company, has updated its packaging. Their words are bigger. The color of the bags look a little lighter. (Check out the picture comparing the new bags of the Harvest Cheddar they are a lighter orange).

The letters are bigger too. Also the letters have changed as they have been straightened and the word chips are now white. What was interesting is that the letter “n” has extended to where a Sun has risen and is above the letter “u”.

In addition, the Heart Healthy mention has been added to the top left hand side of the bag and the “100% Whole Grain” tag has been put smack in the center of the bag.

Do I like the new look? I think it will be something to get adjusted to. Sun Chips are a favorite snack of mine because I believe they are healthier to eat than potato chips. Maybe because they have less sodium and saturated fat than regular bag of chips. Also the type of chip font has changed to bigger block letters. The font used to indicate the type of chip has been a popular one and now Frito Lay has went in a new direction. If anyone knows what fonts are now on the bag please send me a comment.

I bought a bag yesterday because it was on sale for $2.50.  I saved a whopping seventy five cents. I only buy a bag of Sun Chips when they are on sale or get a bag when I am ordering a Subway sandwich and save some money.

The new look may revitalize the brand.

And the bags are easy to open and are not made of recycled bags. Remember the recycled bags they used years ago that broke the sound barrier.

Sun Chips have a good look. I like it and I think it will attract new snackers to the brand.