I am a huge advocate of not wasting food. Leaving frozen, produce or dairy items within the dry grocery shelves is not good. It damages food, increases shrinkage as well as not making it available to other customers — and as a result puts less food on someone’s dinner table and causes prices to shoot up for food like a Spacex rocket ship being built and designed by Elon Musk’s disruptive company.

There is also a lot of wasted food that is not found within the shelves or damaged. This time the food is what you cannot get out of your container. For example, I had a challenging time to get all of the mustard our of this Heinz Yellow Mustard container. The packaging size is 14 ounces, but I never get to use all 14; I leave at least one ounce in the container because I cannot get it out. I use a butter knife and spoon but there is always some leftover that I end out rinsing out the bottle and putting the container in the recycle bin. This is probably going in every US household or business that has food. like mustard or ketchup.

Want to disrupt the grocery market? You can do so by creating a tool that will get all of the mustard out of this container. Any takers? I have some ideas but need an engineer to develop the product. If you are interested in saving food in all containers send me an email to groceronamission@gmail.com.

Always remember that food is valuable. Can you eat an ounce of gold or a veggie sandwich?

Be bold: if you see a frozen food item off the shelf find a stock clerk or manager and save it.