Simply Potatoes, a Northern Star Company, well known for its products found in the dairy section like shredded hash browns, diced and mashed potatoes has changed it packaging on its bags and ,  Their previous packing was a green bag with the words “Simply Potatoes” in arch-like pattern in yellow letters has now changed to a “simpler” set up with the words on two lines and the product in smaller letters. The bag color has changed to a lighter green.

Are there bags too simple?

My thought is yes. Their packaging has changed to be very generic. The font looks like Times News Roman that would appear on a cheesy word document. Simple content is effective but I think the brand managers went too far revising their packaging. Their previous packaging caught the attention of the consumer. Now it looks like the generic competitor you could see in Walmart or any supermarket.

Shredded hash browns are popular but going way to simple may hurt sales down the road. I know their bags of foods were recalled in 2009 due to the risk of listeria, but since then the company has not had any more recalls or  newsworthy negative issues and press.

So I suggest to Simply Potatoes to go back to your original packaging, or change it but don’t go so “simple”. The packaging is dull and boring.