Shipt the online grocery delivery company Silicon Valley and Birmingham, Alabama (interesting combo) has employees of all backgrounds on their payroll delivering groceries

I spoke to a middle aged man working my Sunday shift in the middle of the afternoon wearing his green ‘Shipt’ tee shirt picking out cleaning supplies for a customer.

“Do you like working for ‘Shipt’?” I asked.

“Yep” he replied filing his shopping cart station at his list on his mobile phone. “It’s flexible and I make some extra bucks.”

So it got me thinking…should I take on another job. Work flexible hours and ear some extra bucks?

I concluded asking the man if Shipt was his full time gig.

“Oh no” he replied, “I’m an assistant principal for a high school.”

Wow I was impressed. Even educators on an executive level need a side hustle.

He explained Shipt’s pay structure:

You receive 7% of the total order. Plus a flat payment of $5, plus tips, The catch is you have to work fast or it can affect your feedback. So location, location, and knowledge of your supermarket is important

Shipt works with Publix and ABC liquors.

Instacart as well as other Uber like food delivery services will enter a market that is growing as consumers pay more to save time.

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