When you walk into a supermarket. Any supermarket they should always include these five items:

  1. Bottled Water: Water is being consumed more than soda and people are paying more attention to the purity and the benefits of spring, filtered, drinking, and distilled water.
  2. Vinegar: This liquid has so many functions like cooking and cleaning. Balsamic and apple cider vinegar have been known to provide taster and health benefits.
  3. Sugar: The sweet grain, provides a cooking option for cooking. Using it for baking cookies or cake makes it appealing to people who can eat something sweet and delicious.
  4. Cat liter: The US is in love with their pets and/or fur babies. But that means maintenance is needed, — and for cats and owners they need liter available to keep a home smelling fresh. This grainy substance should always be on the shelves for pet lovers. (Baking soda runs a close second)
  5. Chocolate Syrup: We need it to put something on top of your ice cream, — especially during a hot summer.

Check your supermarket shelves to see if your supermarket carries them.  They are core staples needed in every supermarket.