Your supermarket is being disrupted.

Whether it is being bought by Amazon or adding digital price tage or robots, expect to see disruptive changes in the supermarket industry.

Expect in your aisles more home delivery companies like Instacart and Shipt to invade the aisles and increased automation to attract your hard earned dollars.

I also expect companies like Proctor & Gamble, Nestle, ConAgra and other major players to deliver directly to your home, without paying the supermarket. This may lead to more profits for the manufacturers and lower prices for you. Especially if gas prices continue to fall.

There will be new ways to pay too. Amazon Prime members can now walk into an Amazon owned supermarket load up their buggy (and bag it too) and walk out to be charged later on by Amazon on your account. There will probably be Amazon or supermarket bucks that you will be able to accumulate with the supermarket you shop in.

Jay Samit, a top entrepreneur, and author of a book I highly recommend, Disrupt You, stated in an article that more disruption in retail is coming.

Mr Samit stated in the article:

Therein lies the opportunity for disruption: How can retailers satisfy the needs of divergent shopping tastes without overwhelming potential customers with aisles of products that most will never purchase? Augmented reality may soon provide an elegant solution.

Augmented reality will fill the role by creating a virtual supermarket experience where the customer using their mobile device searches for a product; moves over the item and gets an ‘alert’ or a ‘match’ for a products that meets their setting, like price, amount of calories, grams of sugar, and so on.

In a nutshell, a whole new supermarket experience is coming.

And it won’t be just Amazon disrupting the market. If it is, supermarkets will crumble  because the millennials are hungry. Hungry for new technology and ways to eat, for health and for less cost. Amazon putting the heat on supermarkets will only make them better if they embrace the challenge.

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