During a previous post I indicated three ways to save shopping at supermarkets

They were:

1. Create a written list and stick to it
2. Look for coupons online or at the store.
3. Shop with a cart instead of a basket.

IF you follow these three things you will save money each week and manage your groceries at home.

Now, here are three additional ways to save money shopping for groceries, which can save you hundreds of dollars a year.

  1. Find out when new sales start each week: If you walk into a supermarket and see a fresh new display up, it usually means the items are going on sale the next day. Being patient an buying groceries when sales begin will save you tons of money a year.
  2. Get to know the best cashiers. The best cashiers will be aware of things that are on sale and will pull out a coupon for you. The best way to spot a premier cashier is to see who has the longest line at the supermarket. It usually is the cashier who is an expert about sales and wants the customers to save money.
  3. When the item you want to buy is empty on the shelf ask the manager in charge if you can purchase a similar premium item, which is higher, and ask if you can buy it for the price of the item empty on the shelf. If the item you buy is on sale and is empty on the shelf, don’t feel like you have to spend more. Just ask a manager to give you the same price or deal for the item empty on the shelf.

If you are looking for additional ways to save I will send you a PDF mini book of How to Improve Your Supermarket Experience’. For a free copy send me an email requesting Free ebook to groceronamission@gmail.com