Take a look at the new package box for Shake n Bake. They went with a white background, keeping the yellow Shake n Bake letters against a blue rectangular box tilted slightly to the left with the infamous Kraft logo above.

If you also look at the flavor type you will notice it’s written in script white letters. Even the plate is positioned where it looks like the picture was taking from above the plate instead of on the side as if it were on a dinner table.

According to Wikipedia Shake ‘n Bake is similar to the texture on the outside of fried foods as well as a bread crumb coating.

It provides a baked alternative preparation to that fried foods like fried chicken that use cooking oil.

Shake ‘n Bake has been marketed as a healthier, less-greasy alternative to frying, with slogans such as, “Shake ‘n Bake: It’s better than frying”, and “Why fry? Shake ‘n Bake”.