Did you notice the red background on the Pillsbury Toaster Strudel Pastries Strawberry pastries packaging?

I did.

And did you also notice that they removed cream cheese from the description and just indicate the strawberry?  I wonder if the cream cheese is still inside their strudel.

And what about the infamous Pillsbury Dough Boy squirting the icing on the strudel.

His action says on the package: ‘LOVE THE ICING’ is gone on the new packaging, which now indicates in small cap quasi-cursive letters: ‘great as a snack’.

I do not know if sales of these pastries are sagging but Pillsbury wants to offer this as a snack to children. There is also a ‘Box Top’ for parents to cut out on top of the package.

Snacks seem to be more of a function of curbing hunger and providing a healthier option instead of tasting good, — at least that is how I perceive Pillsbury strategic move. Their seems to be a trend of including copy on food packing that indicates the health benefits rather than the taste.

Just check out the  Kellogg’s cereal boxes in your supermarket and see for yourself.

Many food manufacturers are revamping their packages. The nutrition facts may have not changed, but how they are pitched to load in your shopping cart has.