A colleague working in the dairy department was doing his job.

Doing it well…after the fact.

That is, — rotating products on the grocery shelves.

First in. First Out.

So at the close of the night I asked him why all the yogurt in the shopping cart.

I already knew his answer..it was past the expiration date.

This is what happens dairy product when the containers don’t get rotated.

They get lost and unsold.

Sales lost, revenue lost, and maybe higher prices.

Probably one of the most challenging jobs as a grocery clerk is rotating products, especially refigerated items on the shelves.

Putting yogurt in by First In First Out is a real pain.

You have to balance the cups, take them out and put them aside and then put them back in by latest due first (Last Out) and those with the date closest to the expiration date (First Out).

I would expect that supermarkets across the country could have expired food on the shelves. It happens and kudos to the grocery clerks who take the time to rotate food accordingly and take expired food off the shelves.

Consumers: give some appreciation to the stock clerks doing their jobs. Let their managers know.

They will appreciate it. Because they care about stocking your shelves

You should too.