So I purchased Cheez-It last week because they were buy one get one at Publix for $4.09 for one 12.4 ounce box of ‘extra toasty’.

‘Extra toasty’ was also the #1 Requested Cheez-It Flavor. I think there are twenty flavors for the brand sold by Sunshine.

I typically won’t pay $4.09 for a box at Publix and head to Walmart for the same flavor for half the price.

I’m getting off track.

The reason for the blog post is when I turned the box to the right and looked at the Nutrition Facts some of the information had a larger font size and was in bold.

For example, Nutrition Facts was in bold. The Serving size of 27 Crackers (30g) was in bold but the font was not enlarged.

What stood out was this…

Calories 150

You can actually read some of the nutrition facts on the side of the box. I have seen enlarged bold font on the back of Blue Diamond Almonds Lightly Salted brand that indicated Calories 170 for one serving.

I am wondering if there a law in place to enlarge some Nutrition Facts on the side of boxes or the back of bags.

This may help consumers actually have just a serving of a product instead of taking down an entire box with 12 servings, for example.

Consumers want to eat better…and based on Nutrition Facts being easier to read and notice want to control their servings too.

Good work to whoever launched this. Please enlarge the fonts for Total Fat, Sodium, and Sugars too.