A human is better to work with than a robot…

That depends on who you ask.

Ask any store manager to figure out payroll and budget hours based on revenue forecasts, and figure out schedules based on his instructions.

Some workers get more hours than others. Some get less than they need.

However, if a store manager hires a robot…all that goes away.

Hourly wages, health insurance, liabilities that can result from an employee who does not clean a spill in the beverage aisle causing a person to fall and get a concussion.

Robots are here..and employers are going to use them to cut costs.

It might be a robot to clean floors, stock shelves, and maybe help customers…

Go to a retail store and see what’s happening now.

Self checking cash registers. Kisoks to rent movies from.

This is just the start.

Fast forward 5 years later

Retail stores are closing. Malls across the US are emptying.

Fast forward 45 years.

Retail stores are closed. Malls across the US are empty.

As customers we love to get a deal, buy something cheap and brag about it.

And this may be true when robots take up retail jobs in supermarkets over the next 45 years.

Who are going to earn the wages? Robots.

Who is going to spend on goods and services if no one is working, Or if someone cannot program or maintain a fully functioning robot.

For now: The humans still have an edge over robots. We have won the battle. People are working, — maybe not in their dream job, but they are working.

We need to make sure humans have access to a fair living wage to spend on goods and services.

Without humans, the robots will reign, We have powerful brains and needs to remember what we can do with them.

Humans: help each other and never stop learning.