I started reading Hidden America From Coal Minors To Cowboys An Exploration Of The Unseen People Who Make This Country Work by Jeanne Marie Laskas,

It covers the workforce who is not glued to their cubicle making an impact. Doing the work many people. I could be wrong. sneer at the thought of.

I was one of them…until I became a grocery stock clerk almost six years ago.

We walk up and down the store for about 7 miles per shift of  6 to 8 hours and go unnoticed at times, and unappreciated.

This holds true for the overnight stock clerk who with a team unloads and works 1,000 case of grocery and household items in an 8 to 10 hour shift.

The work is not easy, and can easily be laughed at by the men and women in business suits and top of the line footwear.

But let’s give those working in the Hidden America credit. They are busting their butts and backs too feeding the country. Feeding your kids. Feeding families…one shelf at a time.

And they don’t get paid too well. You can start for about ten bucks an hour if you are fortunate.

So let us not overlook our grocery stock clerks…doing the hard work to feed you and stock shelves with goods to make your life convenient. Yes I know about Shipt and Amazon.com delivering products to your door, but let us not let the stock clerk go unnoticed.

For they are the backbone of any supermarket.

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