Wasa, the company maker of thin crackers has updated their packaging — slightly.

Their crackers are still in the paper container but now the copy on the front is ‘thinner’ too.

For example the word ‘THINS’ on their Rosemary and Sea Salt crackers is bold yet simple compared to their previous packaging like FLAX SEED in blue was bold but ‘old’ and needed some adjustment. ‘

In addition, in the new packaging they also used a white background to indicate the numbers of grams and calories. They also changed the term from ‘per slice’ on the previous packaging to ‘per serving’ on the new packaging, which again has a cleaner look.

The company, which has existed since 1919 has given the thin crackers a fresh new look. The typical customers who I notice buy these crackers are older, either baby boomers or senior citizens. They recognize the brand and are aware of its nutritional benefits, i.e. flax seeds, grain crackers, etc.

The flat crackers make it easier to put a fresh vegetable or apply a spread to it contemplating an afternoon tea or cup of coffee.

The new package design, which still keeps the Wasa logo in yellow letters against a blue background keeps it relevant to its loyal customers but makes its new to younger consumers.