As consumers we are conditioned to buy from a standard supermarket.

But…there are options to buy grocery products as well. Granted they might not be so convenient or available, however they exist.

  1. Picking your own fruit on a farm: Some friends of ours brought us a one pound bag of fresh blueberries that cost them $3. Go into any supermarket and expect to pay three bucks for a pint. This applies to for people to grow their own fruits and vegetables. I always love it when someone brings me fresh oranges or tomatoes that they grew. Find local farms to pick food from for a fraction of the cost.
  2. Go the farmer’s markets: You can find fresh food and produce there as well. The cost is typically lower and the experience of being outdoors to shop is a benefit in our itself.
  3. Look for local honey farms and get fresh honey at a fraction of the cost. My friends has bee hives and has been producing honey as a side business for the past two years. The jar of honey he gave me was amazing. It was fresh and sweet and complemented my cup of tea.

We appreciate our supermarkets for their convenience and service. But we also like alternatives to change up the experience and save some money.

If you have any ideas or suggestions to purchasing groceries from supermarkets please share them on this blog for our readers.