I was walking up the pasta aisle at my local Publix and noticed a woman wearing a forest green shirt and with what looked like a small rocket ship on it.

She had her mobile device looking for items like Dunkin Donuts coffee beans and Cheerios.

I interupted her progress and asked her if she works for….

She replied with enthusiasm: Shipt

The company headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama is looking for a way to provide on call workers to take an order and bring it to the door of their client.

Apparently, there is an annual membership fee to join of $99 and you get a two-week free trial membership.

A Shipt employee compared it to the Uber of grocery shopping.

The company just broke ground delivering in Gainesville, Fl a college town in North Central Florida.

Will the company be successful? I think so, with aging baby boomers and seniors so there will be a need to ship grocery products.

They are  in 35 metropolitan areas and looking to expand. I wonder how long it will take for another company to form so members can abandon ‘Shipt’. Company looks promising and kudos to the founders for their vision putting this in motion