I went into Subway yesterday after a discussion wirh my family where to get dinner that is affordable, somewhat healthy and provides value. 

Subway beat our other two  choices: Jerset Mikes and Jimmy Johns.


Three reasons:

1) Food quality. Despite the assembly line we know the bread is fresh and the meat and veggie toppings are appealing. 

2) Cleanliness: Subway restaurants I’ve noticed have clean tables, napkins and drink stations. Plus they offer baked potatoe chips, which to save money are located close to a supermarket to buy from and save money.

3) Price: I always feel like I’m paying less at Subway and sometimes order a kids sandwich which is filing for only 2 bucks. You usually can spend less than fifteen dollars. 

In my experience buying sandwiches at Jersey Mikes and Jimmy Johns I think it is harder to customize your sandwich and the lighting is not as good either.

I respect any business food establishments.

They are challenging on some many