When you go grocery shopping in a supermarket make sure you do these three things to save money and not overspend:

Make a shopping list and stick with it. Too often are eyes are bigger than our mouths.

So what happens…

You overspend.

Then you get pissed off and have buyer’s remorse.

Stay away from the grab and gos at or near or any cashier.

Instead, get off the check out line and buy the regular size package and save money.

Also, ask for a raincheck on on item that is on sale and empty on the shelf.

Better yet, ask to buy the more expensive substitute for the same price. Ask the store manager. All they can do is so no.

But more than likely they will sell it to you.

And last, shop with a buggt better known a shopping cart, instead of a basket. With a basket it makes it easier to perusea around and overflow it with groceries. So much that you end up using a shopping cart.

If you know you are buyine one item like milk or toilet paper don’t grab a shopping cart or basket.

Just grab the one item and save money.

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