USPS is always open, thanks to Amazon.

And now thanks to Target?

As reported by the USA Today, Target, the giant retail store, will begin delivering household products.

About 25% of American households buy groceries online, up from 19% in 2014, according to a report in January by Food Marketing Institute and Nielsen.

There is such a disruption going on…thanks to Amazon and Walmart as consumers get comfortable ordering online.

Amazon recently lowered its threshold to orders to non prime customers of $25 to receive free shipping.

I expect this trend to continue as retailers in droves file for bankruptcy protection like Payless Shoes.

For may retailers its debt is so high that they must file for Chapter 11.

A dire warning that consumers are next in line to not being able to pay for its debts too. Yes, people are working but real wages have decreased and jobs created are service oriented and part time, which pay lower wages.

My final word on Target delivery is that I think it arrived to the home delivery scene late. Amazon and Walmart have placed their stake in the market. In fact, thanks to retailers like Target, Best Buy and others it becomes a place to sample products for consumers who then go online to find the better deal using Amazon, eBay, or hundreds of other retailers.

The trend for home delivery will continue to grow. Retailers and supermarkets must be creative to figure out how to compete with Amazon who continues to push the retail envelope.