I cannot help be saddened by the crisis going on in terms of the lack of food being supplied in Venezuela.

A headline I read said that on average weight loss totaled 19 pounds for each person in that country whose population is 31.78 billion,

Imagine a crisis like that occurring in the US.

I can’t.

But if we can create a hypothetical scenario things would be awful if that occurred in the states. It would affect our health and the economy in a painful way.

With countries like Brazil rich in resources like grains I wonder why the problem needs to continue.

But I do hope it ends.

Not just in Venezuela…but all over the world.

When I eat I have become increasingly conscious of those who lack food, whether in a third-world country or on a college campus where a student cannot afford a decent meal.

We must all pitch in to help. It would be disruptive in a positive way to help those in need of food.