If you watch or aware of cable television or a subscription based streaming account chances are these names are familiar.

  1. Hallmark

  2. Netflix

  3. Amazon

  4. National Geographic

  5. Disney

What do they all have in common, they all produce media.

House of Cards, the 2013 multiple Emmy award winner or Amazon producing other award winning television programs.

Millions of people have access to these media companies.

Then I went to fill gas in my car last week and noticed http://www.gastv.com. You can pump gas and watch video media content.

I’m sure that Twitter, FaceBook, Snapchat, and LinkedIn will also produce media video.

But now can you envision these media companies too.

  1. McDonalds TV

  2. Chick Fil-a Network

  3. Macy’s Media

  4. Burger King Channel

  5. Whole Foods Network

I can go on with all of the possibilities.

You see, there is a tremendous opportunity for these companies to produce and distribute original video content.

For example, you use the McDonalds app to locate their closest restaurant, order food using their kiosks and eat food in their parking lot, watching their media content.

This is possible for every company, produce their own media. People are doing it on YouTube, and FaceBook, — why not these mega companies.

This could potentially help improve brand loyalty with use engagement.

I always believed everyone has to have a personal website, but now I think to get ahead or the curve companies need to produce media.

Let me know your thoughts.