Eating as a family is a challenge.

We can blame it on a three-income household, — that is if one family member has two jobs.

Technology can also be attributed to it as well. People are plugged in just not with their family.

Even people who are single do not eat at home, I assume, or with friends.

Although food manufacturers like Nestle and Unilever have made it easy to make dinner, via a microwave we are sitting at home within a distance instead of together at the dinner table.

According to a study

Nearly half (47%) of parents say that they share fewer meals with their family than when they were growing up.


Hopefully this trend will reverse itself that families cook and eat at the dinner table together.

The benefits of eating together are enormous.

Engaging with family. Sharing stories. And on and on.

Try eating together with same meal like rice and black beans for one day this week, — without technology.

Connect on a human level, — it can make a difference.