I’ve seen it.

Halo Top Creamery, the ice cream that is low calorie, healthy, and guiltless to the point that it is okay to take down the whole pint in one sitting, which, too has supposedly created a cult following on Facebook where there are now 456.127 page views has had their price drop another sixty cents in Publix.  The price is now on advantage buy at Publix for $5.39.

The result: sales soared.

Take a look at the picture. Empty shelves where Halo Top belongs are gone.

You would think that Healthy Ice Cream is an oxymoron, but with Halo and it’s following it is not the case.

Please feel free to share your feelings at Halo Top on this blog.

But what makes it so good? Is it the freedom of guilt. I wonder if a pint of their Vanilla Flavor was sold for ten bucks would their customers pay for it.

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