I went to two fast food restaurants over the weekend in St. Augustine Florida: Burger King and McDonalds and I must say I was horrified. There were three things that stood out to me that made me think that: Oh my, fast food restaurants will be a thing of the past.

I will never knock a restaurant: They takes tons of work to build, manage and market I admire all the construction workers, architects and rank and file who make restaurant franchises a fixture all over the world.

However, from what I saw, fast food chains are slowly on the decline. Here are three reasons why:

  1. More cars ordering drive thru than eating in. This was more applicable for Burger King, who was short staffed, did not have some items we wanted to order and needed the restaurant to be swept. In McDonalds during breakfast it was packed with people, but the garbage was not emptied and grossed me out. My solution is to hire more workers and pay them more.
  2. Low morale among the workers. Getting paid less than ten bucks an hour is not an incentive, especially if their is no future prospects of growth and opportunity.
  3. Online ordering and kiosks. We used the kiosk at McDonalds to order our breakfast and if it catches on it will displace workers.

I hope that fast food restauarants can make improvements. We love food that is cheap, but the food may be hurting us because the beef is not organic, We also need to train our workers to aspire to be more than a person flipping burgers or making fries. There is too much potential on the table to waste the potential for twenty somethings.