Shoppers love to score a sale and take full advantage when they have the money or room in their refrigerator.

Consumers respond to sales and here are 3 of the Best Ways they respond:

  1. Buy One Get One (BOGO): By far this is the best type of sales copy used in supermarkets. Whether it’s Honey Nut Cheerios or Stouffers frozen entrees consumer flock and stock up when you buy an item and get the second one for free. I think this works better than 2 for $x.xx, which is the same deal with the exception that you can buy one item for half the price and not have to buy two. Supermarkets lose on this deal mostly, but they gain on loyalty and sales volume.
  2. New: Customers love new products and they usually get a deal with something new (like $2 off with coupons). This simple term is relatable to anything. We like to try things that are new when the risk (low price) is low.
  3. Organic: The trend and demand for new products that are free of preservatives is growing in a giant food movement. Organic is the term that consumers love. Combine organic with BOGO then you have a sales bonanza.

There are other ways to promote sales but to me observing thousands of customers these three are the best.

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