Supermarkets are great places…still.

People socialize try new products, drink coffee, get exercise walking up and down each aisle.

But are the aisles still looking good.

Here are three simple ways your supermarket may be experience a downturn.

  1. Can you get everything on your shopping list at one time? If you need something that is not on the shelf, but may be in the back stock room, great…but…
  2. Where are the stock clerks and cashiers? Is your favorite clerk not there as often? Are there challenges of longer lines to pay for your items.
  3. The employees don’t acknowledge you anymore. Customer service is important and if the employees don’t care you exist in their supermarket then why should you.

Supermarkets are like labs. You can observe the people and see how they interact. Can you tell if your supermarket has improved and if so, inform the managers.

The customers are the lifeblood for any supermarket They need you to be happy.