Lately, I’ve been getting into the habit of price comparing.

Whether it is for K-Cups calculating how much it will cost per cup. Or should I wait until the next day when the item goes on sale to buy it.

And, even more lately, I’m just saying “screw it”. too higher prices at Publix or Kroger’s; I’m not going to buy a box now and pay the full price.

I say more frequently. “Why wait: I’ll buy it at Walmart?

Here are my three reasons why you Shop at Walmart.

  1. The Price is Right: We all love a good deal and want to get the best price. Shopping on Amazon may have the best deal, — but you have to wait. Why wait? Walmart will have the lowest price.
  2. You’re just that much into your supermarket. You like shopping for groceries, but you love getting deals so you head to Walmart.
  3. Walmart has established its brand better than all of the supermarkets combined. Before we enter their store we expect low prices. to recall stories of friends who got the best deal at Walmart and are promised the lowest price — guaranteed. Brand recognition and identity is important and Walmart has clearly established theirs

I enjoy my supermarket, but lately I cannot help but see customers check prices on their mobile devices for the best deals or hear them muttering to their family “We’ll buy it at Walmart”.

And now I’m buying into buying a few more items for lower prices at Walmart.

Saving a few bucks going to Walmart, despite not calculating the cost of gas for driving seems to be something many consumers, myself included are doing so to save money.

Let’s face it, customers are strapped with bills and want new deals, but lately, I’ve noticed prices going up on a few items in my supermarket, ranging from Lunchables that were $1.50 each to $2.33, — a huge increase of 50 percent.

Also K-Cups of Seattle Coffee jumped from $5.99 at Publix for 10 K-Cups to $7.99, — a 25 percent increase.

I wonder if consumers are paying close attention to the rise in some prices. Heck, gas at the pump jumped about fifteen cents from a week ago.

If grocery prices continue to go up in my supermarket, I am forced to go the Walmart more often to save money.

Are you doing the same?