When you travel from one supermarket to another purchasing different products, food, service, etc. it can be fun.

If you are a person who does this you can observe how items are placed on the shelf and obviously, — their price.

Recently I purchased a container of 41 ounce Marrow Bones from Publix, which were on sale for $6.99. I saved three bucks and got a a great deal.

But before I went to Publix I went to PetSmart looking for the same product. Thinking I was going to make a purchase I noticed that the price was $11.99. Wow a five dollar difference for the same item in the same shopping center.

Here is my advice to PetSmart, match the price of products with your competitor, even though you lose margin profit on the item. There were about 50 customers in Publix; and just one in PetSmart, — me. I cannot see PetSmart staying in business as supermarkets and Amazon offer better deals in the long-run.

The base of brick and mortar retailers is shrinking as stores like Sears, Payless and others missed the online boat and are now drowning in product, and overhead.