What is the first word that comes to mind when you think of Virtual Reality.?

What about Augmented Reality?

What about Reality reality?

For me it was easier to think of what comes to mind with “Reality” Reality (RR). The words challenging, bills, work, pets, life….I could go on and on.

When it comes to VR I think of Oculus Rift and with AR I think if Pokemon Go.

I wonder if a reality headset was built when you can switch ‘reality’ modes, — depending on your mood.

If you are spending quality time with friends go ‘Reality’ with movies or simulating walking a tightrope, switch to ‘Virtual’ or maybe chasing goblins on Halloween switch to ‘Augmented’.

The point I make is that with technology we can alter our state. It is like caffeine for the eyes, stimulating and keeping people alert.

We will see how far the “New’ Reality takes us and what other forms, if any, spin out in the process.

It will be exciting and unfamiliar. Unfamiliar because a person may think things are in a virtual setting but is in a reality setting, Could happen.