Virtual Reality is here and is not going away.

The technology is dynamic.

I know the HTC and Oculus Rift headgear are expensive, but for less than $30, maybe $20 on eBay, you can purchase, or borrow, Google Cardboard or the View Master, and download apps to see the world, virtually, by inserting your mobile device.

The images are truly amazing even for these lower cost VR headsets. I love the Paris App that you can get for free on iTunes as well as the National Geographic apps on Space.

Now the media is seeing the opportunity to incorporate advertising into the technology.

Maybe it will be in the form of product placement. Or maybe it will be an app promoting a new product. It could be anything.

Apparently you can purchase the Oculus Rift and Touch products as a Bundle for the price of $598.

Check out the article from for details.

Media company for years experienced challenges for years regarding advertising online. People were annoyed with the banner and the pop up ads. Then the movement went to mobile advertising.

The next phase is going to be VR Advertising. Then AR Advertising , — probably.

But for now let’s continue to brace the technology and vision of VR. It is only going to improve and build on from here as it incorporates Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence. I cannot think of the capacity all three VR, AR and AI will meld but it can be something incredible and alter the way we look at things forever.