This is an important question, which I assume will not be addressed until the customer is affected.

Retailers have made the successful transition of stores from bricks and mortar to online to bricks and mortar again.

They prefer cheap products, sometimes, over quality…and they use mobile to find the best deal. They will also freak out when they purchase something at a low price and the product doesn’t work correctly.

Will this continue in the next 5 years? Or will we see retailers continue to mass customize to meet the needs of every consumer. Will IoT play a big role in retail. And let’s now forget VR and AI and the robot.

I think robots will be pervading more and more. They are delivering pizza in Washington, D.C. Amazon is setting up an order online and pick up supermarket in Seattle.

The industry will be disrupted and customers will be demanding more organic food and for less of the price. But how low can supermarket, suppliers, and distributors lower their prices in order to make a profit.

Will supermarkets walk away or will they rise to the challenge over the next 5 years?