The US population is experiencing two mega trends: it is getting younger.

And it is also aging.

The baby boom generation is retiring in droves and, thanks to health care, as people get older they will be living longer.

And when people age it can affect their eyesight and mobility.

It also exposes them to aches and pains.

So how can we fix this?

How about offering VR headsets to the elderly.

In an article published by MarketWatch titled: Virtual Reality Opens the World to Aging Seniors it discusses how VR can shift the mind for elders away from pain and provide being in the same room virtually with friends and families because they cannot move around or travel. I have been mentioning this in previous blogposts that VR can, and I believe, will benefit seniors, by giving them access to being in supermarket, which for many elderly in assisted living facilities is a guilty pleasure. Trust me I work in a supermarket and when a group of elders steps off their bus to go to grocery shopping it is an experience they love, because they are out and socializing. They dress well and enjoy the time to shop and feel free.

So maybe we can focus less on the games and the experience and more on the tangible benefits that VR can offer, whether young or old.