Good Food Made Simple,  the company that makes non-GMO foods has updated their frozen food packaging look that is simplified and fresh as a matter of speaking.

The company headquartered in Wellesly, MA indicates on on their company website how they differentiate from other frozen food providers is that they can make their food that is natural with minimally processed ingredients that also taste good.

The company began in 2011 with their breakfast meals like Oatmeal then moving on to breakfast burritos and mac n cheese.

The company seems like they pride themselves on products using chicken and beef that is not given antibiotics.

The new packaging you will notice that the company name is now positioned front and center on the box. Also the oatmeal plate looks fresh and includes one more slice of strawberry. If you look closely the strawberry and oatmeal plate looks like they are smiling at you.

I like the new design. It looks like a page you would see on a magazine: it is a of the 4 color full page landscape variety with vibrant images of the meal.

Did they update their packaging because sales are sagging? or just to give it a simple, fresh look. Regardless, the change looks good. I have never eaten their frozen food, but now taking a look at their website and story I might give them a try as a person who is looking to eat healthy.