Viva paper towels has recently made a small update to their packaging.

The wavy purple background with its ‘Viva’ letters sloping upward in white letters remained the same.

The difference is in the the description of the texture.

For example the previous version has the tagline “Strong and Soft” in big letters. Now the word “Strong” is a tad smaller in the oval circle.

In addition, the select-a-size type, the paper towel also comes in white and the new Vantage variety with a blueish packaging design and the texture reminds me of Scott or Bounty Paper on steroids because the sheets seem thicker. Regardless, the select a size format that displayed an example of a piece of wavy paper towel cut into three perforated pieces now just says ‘Select a Size’.

Consumers are savvy, they just want to know they are not buying full sheets of paper. I like the select the size type better because it saves money, like if I want to rip off a smaller piece to out chicken nuggets in the microwave

Paper is fascinating to me. Because it derives from trees and vegetation and we tend to take its valuable source for granted.

Does the slight change matter at all? If so please let me know.