Virtual Reality is here.

It is not a flash in the pan. It is relevant and will continue to pervade our society. And our world.

That being said, I believe that VR and its technology will benefit three areas tremendously. In the areas of video games and entertainment, education and helping the elderly.

  1. Video Games will be better and more interactive. If you walk into the Microsoft store in Midtown Manhattan chances are they are demoing a VR device in front of the store for pedestrians to see. See you making an ass of yourself waving you hands at things that don’t exist like giant white whales or alien spaceships. And yet despite looking stupid, the fear in the person wearing the head gear (after signing the medical waiver) disappears and you are lost in the world. Video games will continue to fill that vacuum and enhance our visual capacity for the better. Same works with entertainment. Imagine watching your favorite TV show or movie wearing a headset. You may feel like you are actually part of the movie and there may be technology where you are in a movie of your own interacting with others. The possibilities are infinite.
  2. Education: Imagine a virtual classroom where you can actually learn and apply what you know, — maybe regarding building a suspending bridge or a computer program, — this is the potential that VR offers. How about teaching a child how to read or write or understand math, VR gives the potential to apply right on the spot what a person learns. We can learn about the planets, the environment, geography, public speaking using VR because a virtual environment will provide that.
  3. Elderly: The older generation can tremendously benefit the elderly. Whether going grocery shopping, to the library, walking in the park using a treadmill to simulate the experience, I believe the elderly can and will be the biggest benefactors to VR. Due to mobility issues as many age: they don’t have to find the experience; the experience will be brought to them. Maybe it will also benefit them getting medical treatment by interacting with their doctors on a virtual level. It might also reduce stress by being placed in an environment that is peaceful., like walking the city of Paris or walking in a grass field in Wyoming, or walking the Great Wall in China. Anything is possible.

There are so many possibilities for the use of VR. I mentioned three but there are thousands of benefits that the technology will provide those who embrace it. The headsets are expensive like the Oculus Rift, but with any technology the price will drop and the headsets will get thinner and the technology will improve in leaps and bounds.

So I am looking forward for the day where I can trade in my ViewMaster and Google Cardboard for a hard core device. We will be carrying our headsets in our pocket the same way we carry our mobile devices. Maybe we can combine the two: A mobile VR device.

James Altucher, Jay Samit and Kevin Kelly, three disruptors embrace VR technology and its benefits. I am onboard as well and will consult a VR firm if they’d like because I’m obsessed with it. Please send me an email if you want me to take a look at your technology and share my thoughts.

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