As reported in the March 9, 2017 issue in The Wall Street Journal, bottled water is consumed more than soda in the US.

Bottled water is now consumed at a rate of 39.3 gallons per year, compared to the consumption of soda, which is now on average 38.5 gallons per year.

The reasons.

Bottled water is less expensive than soda. You can buy a gallon of water for less than a dollar, compared to one 16.9 ounce of cola for $1.59.

The perils of soda are growing: diabetes, poor dental health could be attributed to it as well.

Plus, public drinking water may not be as good; just look at the story in Flint Michigan with the water supply crisis in 2014.

Removing soda from schools. Ever  watch a class of kids who just drank a can of soda? Bless our school teachers.

I have switched to drinking more bottled water. I always make sure to drink an 8 ounce glass every morning before I wake up.

Water may not taste good to you, but bottled water is not too bad, and it’s healthier.

The designs are getting better too. Just check out the pic in this blog post of Pepsi’s ‘Life WTR’. Looks good to drink at $1.29 with various designs of the bottles.

Anyway, drink a glass of water to your health.