Being a middle age guy, working three part time jobs, I often wonder what happened to my bright future.

Can you remember (if you’re old enough that you were told this was going to happen):

Go to college, get a degree (or two), sit at a desk (or a god forsaken dreaded cubicle) ,  get a gold watch after 20 years, takes two weeks of vacation in Hawaii,work happily 40 years, and retire a millionaire at the age of 65.

 Finding work (a job) is easy; finding work that is meaningful, — well, that is another story.

And it is a story.

Great that the jobs report is going well, and I hope the trend is on an upswing.

But there is a difference (a big difference) between work and meaningful work, — work with a purpose.

If you are sitting at a cubicle, don’t fret or give up there is hope. What you have to do is this:

Invest in yourself.

Let me repeat that:

Invest in yourself.

Take courses online, whether you are 15 or 50 or older. Start a blog; start two blogs. Do something that you can say to yourself: ‘Yes this is my idea and no one can take that away from me.’

Share your ideas on something with the world that matters to you and that may matter to them; even if you get just one person to read it.

So if you are stocking shelves in a supermarket, good for you, your job matters because you are feeding people; flipping burgers, same idea.

But my advice is that if you are in a ‘retail rut’ pat yourself on the back and invest in yourself.

If you are working; congratulations.

If you are working on yourself; — fantastic and don’t give up. Having a job is one thing; making a difference is so much more.