Sarah was at the McDonald’s drive-through ordering a happy meal for my son it was extremely hungry. He likes eating plain cheeseburgers I want to the second one so I asked over the speaker can I have a double plain cheeseburger happy meal. So she put the order inand I noticed it wasn’t right because it wasn’t what my son wanted so I asked to remove it kindly on apologetically.

The person taking my order unfortunately was not too thrilled about it give a big sigh over the speaker. When I changed it to the midget water she said in a harsh matter is that all for you today I said yes thankfully. Went on.

I hate feeling like the customer who is in the wrong when I’m just trying to place an order to get a meal right for my son who is very picky about his meal. It happens when meals get messed up orders get McStop things happen. But I feel like it should’ve been a better experience for me to rub me the wrong way happy meal was unhappy to me

I’m concerned about fast food workers a lot then I’ll get paid a lot of money they getting older and the perception is that working a dead end job. We need to invest in them now either with thank you’s or education or job skills because they’re going to slip through the cracks as you call me a technology proceeds forward.

I said to myself after payment through the drive-through leaving that this person knew she had a future like a head that was prosperous and curious and exciting to have behavior towards me may have not been the same originally. Let’s work on our workers I make them smarter and appreciate the future that is so filled a possibilityadd opportunities