Virtual Reality is here and we are just scratching the surface of understanding its potential. Stephen Kotler sees it as an educational resource where students will place on a headset and get in ‘the flow’ and ramp up their learning and knowledge.

VR is going to allow us to simulate just about everything; maybe not eating but it will open up the door to allow us to interface and engage with things, places, activities, and anything in our universe in a new and exciting way.

Maybe we want to bungee jump or fly an airplane and are fearful to do so. VR will help. Or maybe you are getting ready to make a presentation in front of 1,000 people and are scared out of your wits. VR can help by simulating a room filled with a full room of people. It will make us smarter, and more curious about things, — that is if the audience is open to it. ‘

Hopefully the price of VR headsets like Oculus Rift come down and make it affordable to more people who want to try on the headsets and change their world, even for a brief amount of time .

Virtual Reality is going to change things and its going to change us. Hopefully it will be used for good and not for things just for pure pleasure.