I have used laundry detergent like Oxi Clean; Liquid Original he Tide and the those plastic little pods filled with liquid to wash clothes.

I’m wondering which one of the three works the best in terms of washing and value.

The detergent needs to be scooped up and I’m never too sure how much to use. Same goes with liquid detergent, if I put too little in the washing machine the clothes don’t smell fresh; too much then its a suds disaster.

The pod is a different story. I know that Proctor and Gamble spent millions of hours, (yes I said millions) perfecting the pod. It has disrupted the washing industry.

I’m not sure if they are effective. You hear more store of children biting them thinking they are a piece of candy, but never the story when a consumer says…Wow…I love the pod.

I will never knock a product and I especially will never knock down an idea. Idea makers shape our world and we need them to keep on thinking.

I’d like to get your take on what type of detergent do you use. Anyone who responds can send me an email at groceronamission@gmail.com and I’ll send you a free PDF copy of ‘3 things you can do to Lower Your Grocery Expenses’.