If you have children, and cable, I assume you have watched TV programs on Nickelodeon and The Cartoon Network.

If you have let me ask this question?

When was the last time you ever saw a healthy food ad marketed to kids on either network?:

Think about it? You’ve seen the candy and endless Lego ads.

But what about the healthy food ads, and I don’t mean pizza.

In fact all the food and beverage ads market high salt and high sugar products, like soda and potato chips, which we then buy for our children.

Can we start a movement to encourage food manufacturers that it is okay to buy ad space for bagged or canned vegetables. It would be groundbreaking and potentially impact the health and well being of our children who may be on an accelerated path to colon design or stomach issues. Eating healthier can be a start but we need the food manufacturers to get on board.