I finally pressed my left foot down onto the automatic doors of Aldis, I came away with 3 takeaways from the experience: price, blandness and efficiency.

The supermarket is popping up all over the US. They are located in Florida, Queens, NY, California, North Carolina, and many other states. With their affordable prices, thanks for selling their branded items, they will put a ton of pressure on its competitors.

  1. Price; items were much, much lower. For instance, I bought a large box of Pop Tarts for $.99 Compared to $3.29 in other supermarkets. Their generic coffee K-Cup brand, Barrissimo, was $3.99. Wow. Lots of low priced good. A gallon of milk is $1.99. They also had a game aisle, which I thought was neat. There were not as many cash registers, and only two cashiers when I walked in at 2pm. I did not see any stock clerks or a manager. Nor did I see a deli, meat or bakery department. It felt like a larger version of a Dollar General Store.
  2. Blandness: When you walk in there is no music pumping out of the ceiling. It is quiet. No flare and pictures on the aisles. Just product. I guess it would be categorized as a European style supermarket, — not that I recall walking in one during my time vacationing in Europe.
  3. Efficiency: Everything was clean and they make a few pennies here and there offering to sell paper bags for ten cents, plastic for six pennies and if you need a buggy $.25 cents, which you get back if you return the buggy back in the area you found it.

All in all it was interesting finally getting the chance to walk in. My son said the store was cold. What differentiates itself from its competitors is price hands down, The store was not packed with customers, many grabbing a few items but not filled to the gills in the buggy.