At my supermarket we sell La Croix sparking water. When the brand first rolled out its product a few years ago I recall only a handful of flavors: plain, lemon lime, orange and cranberry. Now they have at least 15 if not more. They are sold in flmsy packagaing in 12 ounce cans in packs of twelve.

And they sell like crazy.

And when we list them as a BOGO (Buy one Get One Free) item we literally sell a ton of it.

And I do mean a ton. Pallets of sparkling water go right to the sales floor and disappear into consumers shopping carts in the dozens.

We sell multiple pallets of them. Go to any supermarket and see for yourself

The sparkling water market is growing in my opinion; and fast. Pepsi is on board selling AquaFina in thin cans as well as Polar Seltzer water.

This means that soda consumption is decreasing.

Check out this article from Fortune magazine online in 2016 noting that soda consumption falling to a 30-year low in the US.

Not only are consumers looking for healthier food alternatives; they are also demanding healthier beverage alternatives. More fizz and less sugar.

Coca Cola tried to change its formula with New Coke and that attempt fizzled fast The company offers varieties of soda like Mellow Yellow, Fresca, Sprite, etc. But they need to enter the market and may spin off a variety of their Dasani Water to make it sparkle.

Sparkling water sells — a lot.