As reported in Zero Hedge that robots will be replacing workers in Wendy’s restaurants. Kiosks make it easier and more convenient to order fast food and since they are not on the payroll, franchise owners demand them.

I’m waiting for the day when kiosks appear in supermarkets. Simply place an order of what you want; sit in the store lobby and have the groceries brought to you, which, by the way was the original way to sell groceries by walking to your general store, request what you want and have the groceries brought to you.

Is it worth trading human employee engagement for robot technology?  What is next, virtual zombies walking around the store functioning on artificial intelligence helping you pick out canned tuna?

We are approaching a system where a robot is going to handle the majority of the food handling at restaurants, supermarkets and retail stores. The jobs that will be in demand in 5 to 10 years: robot maintenance. Start learning how to code and program now or else your job will be replaced with a robot replica of you.

In other news, Target Corp. missed earning expectations this morning and saw their stock price plummet 13 percent as less customers came walking through it stores.

Here’s one suggestion: Play some light music. It does feel like a walking in a box, especially when there is no music played in their store. They should go to Macy’s and listen to their music that sets the tone with its beats to program and influence their customers to shop and spend.

Yes Target wants to expand and market online, but they need to get rid of their grocery section, which I think is a big mistake. I do admire taking a risk to add groceries because I know it takes a lot and I do mean A LOT to run a corporation. Plus it may be too late to get a share of the online market: unless they deliver to homes. Now there is an idea, especially for mothers expecting a child or who already have children.

Robots. They’re here and working. Should we get used to it?