I can’t help but be obsessed by the fact that there is good chance that robots will make up over fifty percent of employees in your supermarket in ten years. It may be a super robot stocking the aisles,  unloading trucks or merchandising. Regardless, the technology is shaping up and the technology is real. Real scary?

Amazon is getting ready for a robot driven supermarket. In fact, just as Airbnb has disrupted the hotel/lodging industry and Uber disrupting the commuting industry and Amazon disrupting retail it is only a matter of time that supermarkets will be disrupted and, perhaps never be the same.

And I think it starts with…you guessed it, — technology and automation, I can guarantee that supermarkets are dealing with lower margins as prices rise, overhead costs skyrocket and more supermarkets pop up, either brick and mortar or online. We are still waiting for the major disruption to occur that will change the way we shop for groceries.

It could be AI, VR or drone delivery. Regardless, the train is getting to leave the station, In five years your supermarket experience is almost guaranteed to shift.