Pringles, the potato crisp that comes in their infamous cylinder containers has shrunk its packaging size containers.

WfxxvycThe company a brand of the Kellogg’s Company, which includes products like Cheez Itz, Froot Loop cereal, Keebler Cookies and many other cereals and snacks purchased Pringles to expand their brand.

The slight decrease will probably reduce their packaging cost as well as include less potato crisps in each container.

Their container consisted of 5.96 ounces of chips.  I would guess the height of about one foot.  I better grab a container to measure the old and new height, but the smart customers may have grabbed the taller containers.

This may also provide the potato chip maker more shelf space in the supermarket. More shelf space means more product on the shelf. I have seen a container cost in the range of $1.33 to as high a $1.99, where it might be in Toys R’ Us as an impulse buy.

Publix sells Pringles for $1.79 and the price did not decrease of course.

With food going up I can see why food manufacturers are so slightly reducing their package sizes to save money and not make the change so drastic that it is noticed. In fact, I think potato chip manufacturers may be doing the same with shrinking their bags.

They also introduced their new product: Pringles Loud where they are introducing bolder flavors like Super Cheesy Italian.

When I observed the containers for Pringles Loud I envision the target market to be dudes who like extreme sports and parties. The containers with their two-tone colors of black and other colors looks like energy drink cans: flashy with vibrant colors. It’ll be interesting to see how they sell in supermarkets.

So I did a check in my area where the chips were being sold. I also forgot to mention that they are promoting a contest to play in a celebrity basketball game with Charles Barkley and Magic Johnson representing their respective teams.

What immdiately captured my attention was when I clicked on places to buy it listed the stores in my zip code. Then there was a menu to purchase onling via Amazon, Walmart, and, purchases in 2016 by Walmart for a reported $3 billion. I think it is just a matter of time when the consumer clicks on either Amazon or and get their food shipped to them in an hour.

No doubt about it; same day grocery delivery is here.

Soon it will be same hour.